1:1 Business Meeting
What is 1:1 Business Meeting?

1:1 Business Meeting is specialized in export and import meeting.
Korea distribution channel MD, manufacturers and vendors like Home&Shopping,
eBay and Kyobo Hottracks will be invited to the meeting.
According to the exhibitor’s products, our exhibitors will be matched by distribution expert to avoid mismatching.
* Translator will be provided during the meeting


  • Submit Application Form and Required Documents
  • Confirmed by KOPET
  • Schedule the Meeting
  • Get Benefits
  • Meeting


Buyer registration is now closed. Required Documents for Buyers

1. Copy of Passport
2. Copy of Business Card

Please send us those application form and required documents,
after we review those documents, the confirm letter will be sent within a week.

Send to kate@thefairs.co.kr

Result of the 1:1 Business Meeting(2019 August)


  • Participants : 30 Companies

Buyer Matching

  • Buyers Participants : 15 international/domestic buyers attended
  • Matching : 80 +

Result of the 1:1 Business Meeting(2018 September)


  • Participants : 36 Companies

Buyer Matching

  • Buyer Participants : 14 Companies
  • Matching : 87 meetings
  • Revenue : About 25.4 billion won (MOU)